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Tutgum Heavy Duty Systems And Marine Use

Tutgum Heavy Duty Systems And Marine Use
Tutgum Heavy Duty Systems And Marine Use
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Tutgum Heavy Duty Systems And Marine Use


Title Description SKU Package
Tutgum Oxide Primer red HB Anticorrosive Primer for courts multiwall, water tanks, protects against rust, exposure to sea water and salts. 295013 5
295014 18
Tutgum Grey Middle HB Intermediate multilayer fast drying coating to enhance the mechanical strength and resistance characteristics in marine environments. 295015 5
295016 18
Tutgum Topcoat HB   Tutgum Primer H.B. Chlorinated rubber antirust primer   Special polymers, High build primer, Antirust for metal. Primer with Chlorinated rubber, anticorrosive excellent paint for welding demands .Used as a primer for humid, salt and corrosive environment conditions for long period durability. Used as a primer to synthetic, phenolic and chlorinated rubber top layer paints.
295017 5
295018 18
Tutgum Topcoat HB colours Matt / silk decorative paint of different colours for marine vessels. 295017 5
295018 18
Additive Repellent Coating, repellent seaweed and oyster. 295030 1
Tutgum Antifouling Red/Brown/Blue self-polishing coating for the dyeing of underwater parts, repellent seaweed and oyster. 295026 1
295025 2.5
295027 5
295028 18